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    The fundamental difference between RV reducer and harmonic reducer!

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         Industrial robots can be divided into SCARA robots, rectangular coordinate robots, articulated robots, parallel robots and others according to their mechanical structure. The global industrial robot market is mainly articulated industrial robots. The robot is composed of a controller, a servo motor, and a reducer. The cost of the reducer, servo, and controller of the three core components account for 30% to 50%, 20% to 30%, and 10% to 20% of the robot cost. The reducers used in industrial robots mainly include RV reducers and harmonic reducers. How to distinguish between uses?

     The reducer is divided into harmonic reducer and RV reducer.

         RV reducer is suitable for heavy-duty robots. Generally applied to the three joints of the leg waist and elbow of the heavy-duty robot. Compared with the harmonic reducer, the key of the RV reducer lies in the processing technology and assembly technology. RV reducer has higher fatigue strength, stiffness and life. Unlike harmonic drive, the motion accuracy will be significantly reduced with the increase of use time. Its disadvantage is its heavy weight and large size.

         Harmonic reducer is used for several axes at the end of a small robot or large robot. It is characterized by small size, light weight, large carrying capacity, high motion accuracy, and large single-stage transmission ratio. Internationally, HarmonicDrive almost monopolizes the entire field of industrial robot harmonic reducers, and currently has a global market share of up to 80%. Among the domestic harmonic reducer industry developments, the green one has the fastest development. It has been supplied with some domestic robots and even foreign robot manufacturers for trial use. It is expected to exceed 30,000 units this year, and its market share in the domestic harmonic reducer market exceeds 60 %.

         From the above, we can see that RV reducers are mainly used for heavy-duty robots, concentrated in the first few joints, and harmonic reducers are mainly used for the few axes of the light and small industrial robots.