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    Tens of millions of robotics is eligible for funding

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     Shanghai spectrum run investment company recently invested in Leader Precision Drive Co., Ltd., our company has become a core member of the robotics industry leader. Spectrum Run optimistic about our growth prospects in the field of robotics, and we will be in innovation, breaking the monopoly of the international giants, to support the localization of key technologies.

    Spectrum Run is a leading PE investment equity investment institutions, has received domestic PE investment institutions, "the best return on investment Decade Award" in 2012. Leader Precision Drive is its first investment in industrial robotics company, and this is our first time to introduce strategic investors, the scale of investment in several ten million yuan level.

    With an aging population increasingly prominent, China's labor force declining trend, the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, labor costs continue to rise, the demand for industrial robots is being ushered in the explosive growth in the next few years robots will reach millions of potential market size .

    According to IFR (International Federation of Robotics) statistics, China has become the world's second largest after Japan's robot market in 2012, new installed capacity of 2.3 million units, but the stock, China's total of just 100,000 industrial robots units, accounting for the global share of about 6%, is not commensurate with China's international status of the country of manufacturing. Our robot uses density is much lower than the global average, so huge room for future growth. Meanwhile, with rising labor costs and reduce the cost of the robot, thereby shortening the payback period, the industrial robots in our manufacturing applications will continue to accelerate. It is estimated that by 2016, the industrial robot can recover the full investment cost in the year. In addition, the robot can effectively improve the precision, stability and reliability of the production process to ensure product quality and consistency.

    Industrial robots have broad prospects for future development in China. But in the past few years, the development of the robotics industry has become difficult, the lack of international competitiveness, the most important is due to the monopoly of the international giants of the core components of the robot industry, leading Chinese enterprises controlled by others everywhere.

    According to reports, the industrial robot has three core components, namely precision reducers, servo motor and controller. Precision reducer which accounted for the highest proportion of the cost of the robot body, in some small robots even more than 50%. Precision reducer also includes RV reducer and strain wave reducer, the former more applications on a large robot, which is mainly used for small and medium sized robot. With the expansion of applications, a substantial increase in demand for small and medium sized robots, strain wave reducer with greater growth potential. Only in electronic industry estimates, the domestic market will have strain wave reducer 10 billion yuan of new market space. But the market is a strain wave reducer Japanese giant high degree of monopoly. Procurement costs much higher than domestic manufacturers international counterparts, domestic robots become a limiting development of the shackles. Especially when foreign investment in the Chinese mainland to set up factories giant robot, domestic manufacturers a competitive advantage almost disappeared. Therefore, the domestic robot industry, especially in the core components of precision reducer technological breakthrough in the field, breaking the monopoly of the international giants, to achieve localization of key technologies for the development of China's industrial robot having a decisive strategic significance.

    Leader Precision Drive Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, in the field of precision machining has many years of accumulation, the use of advanced mechanics model, design a more favorable tooth, becoming the only one to break the monopoly of Japanese products internationally , domestic robotics industry mainstream customer acceptance of strain wave reducer production enterprises. Since the advent of its products, the rapid rise in orders, has been mass production stage. Leader Precision Drive with high cost, short delivery, excellent service, won the unanimous endorsement of domestic mainstream robot machine factory, greatly reducing the manufacturing cost of the domestic robot for the healthy development of domestic robots make a key contribution.