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    Harmonic reducer will not shorten the service life if it is not properly lubricated

    Data:2020-06-18 13:17:36      Views:      

     Harmonic reducer lubrication will definitely shorten the service life, which is also a core reason for the short life of many harmonic reducers.

         If the planet accelerator is not properly lubricated, it will first cause loud noise and vibration, resulting in frequent maintenance. In addition, each time of overhaul, the eccentric bearing and pin gear sleeve must be replaced, which increases the maintenance cost.
          The work of the bearing is not very stable. Due to the effect of gravity and the vibration generated by mechanical movement, it will inevitably cause a small amount of displacement of the harmonic reducer bearing in the axial position. This relative movement is very harmful, and continuous shock may be As a result of the deformation and breakage of the circlip, there is a risk of the bearing falling off the shaft. Even if the bearing does not fall off, it will generate a lot of noise due to vibration.
          Then the impact on the service life is also relatively large, because frequent maintenance, the equipment must be disassembled, which will also affect the parts that are not damaged, so for the whole machine, the harmonic reducer is not in place. Will shorten the service life.