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    How to maintain the robot reducer?

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          How to maintain the robot reducer? The transmission ratio of the planetary gear reducer is large, and the torque is smaller than other reduction mechanisms. The planetary gear reducer has a large self-locking angle and poor backstop, which is not suitable for starting.

          The main transmission structure of the robot planetary gear reducer is: planetary gear, sun gear, external gear ring.
            Install the recommended type and value of grease into the planetary gearbox. Planetary reducer is lubricated with lubricating oil. For vertically mounted planetary gearboxes, in view of the fact that the lubricating oil may not guarantee reliable lubrication of the uppermost bearing, additional lubrication measures are adopted.
            Before operation, inject a suitable amount of lubricant into the planetary reducer of the robot reducer. The viscosity of the lubricant is selected according to the following list. Planetary reducers are usually equipped with oil injection holes and oil drain plugs. Therefore, the installation location must be specified when ordering the planetary gearbox. The following table lists the brands and models of lubricants recommended for general applications.
         Robot reducer knowledge: structure and performance of robot reducer planetary reducer
            The planetary reducer is composed of a first-level spiral bevel gear and a first-level involute planetary gear transmission. It has the characteristics of power splitting and moving axis movement. Compared with ordinary parallel shaft reducers, the main advantages are small size, light weight, and transmission power. Large, low noise, high efficiency, smooth transmission, high reliability, etc.
            The input stage of the planetary reducer is mainly composed of a pair of German Klinberg extended outer cycloid spiral bevel gears; the involute planetary gear transmission part is mainly composed of a sun gear (1), a planetary gear (3), and an internal gear (1 ) And other components, the sun gear floats during operation so that its gear teeth can evenly contact the three planetary gears at the same time; the planetary gear is installed on the planetary carrier, while driving around its axis, it also rotates with the planetary carrier, and the internal gear It is fixed in the housing. A gear coupling is provided between the two-stage gear transmission, and its function is to connect the transmission between the two-stage gears. The gear coupling also floats with the sun gear in the traveling star.