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    Great, China, the 272.184 billion company, made the world’s first

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    The flagship restaurant of Foodom Robot Chinese Restaurant under Qianxi Robot Catering Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Country Garden, opened on January 12 in Huachenghui Plaza, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou.
    As soon as you enter the door, the robot greets you with a sweet voice; after the dishes are ready, the food delivery robot or cloud track system will deliver the dishes directly to the customer's table; scan the code with your mobile phone and order, and a burger will be delivered to you in 90 seconds In front... Frying robots, cocktail robots, container claypot rice robots, in this unique restaurant, the robot has achieved a variety of applications from welcome, bartending, frying, cooking, and ground delivery.
    According to Qiu Mi, Assistant President of Country Garden Group and General Manager of Qianxi Robot Catering Group, as of now, the Foodom Robot Chinese Restaurant Flagship Store has invested 46 robots as the core equipment for restaurant operations, forming a complete catering robot system. To achieve independent R&D, R&D expenses have exceeded 200 million yuan.
      Systematic robot restaurant
       There is a humanoid simulation robot in front of the restaurant. When customers enter the restaurant, if there are many people who need to queue up to call the number, as long as they say "lead" to the robot named "Xiaozhi", Xiaozhi can connect to the number-taking machine next to it, and a queue number can be come out. When leaving the meal, "Xiaozhi" will say very politely again: "Thank you for coming, please walk slowly."
      The restaurant has a huge transparent glass wall separating the dining area and the back kitchen area. Inside the glass wall are 32 cooking robots and a claypot robot that can make 24 claypot meals at the same time. After the guests are seated, use the mobile phone to scan the code to order food. After receiving the order instruction, the machine cooking equipment automatically retrieves the materials from the cold storage of the back kitchen. The robot immediately sorts out the side dishes automatically from the back kitchen, and then passes it to the cooking robot or claypot rice. The robot automatically prepares and cooks the food accurately. The latter completes the cooking and loading of dishes within a specified time, and transmits them accurately to the top of the table through the cloud track system above the head or the ground robot. Guests only need to remove the dishes to taste.
      According to the introduction, there are 4 robots outside the restaurant, which are dessert robot, drink robot, frying robot and bartending robot. According to the above guidelines, the reporter scanned the order with a mobile phone, and in about 15 seconds, an ice cream was sent to the mouth by the robot arm. At this time, the customer's meal order number will also be displayed on the screen, and the customer can pick up the meal by himself. The frying robot has a powerful "two arms" and 8 fryer, they can operate at the same time. Children's favorite foods such as fish cakes, popcorn, and burgers can be delivered to you in just 4 minutes. The bartender robot can make up to 30 different flavors of wine, and it's not a problem to brew coffee or tea.
    The most eye-catching thing in the interior of the restaurant is the "two-arm claypot rice robot" behind the glass cabinet. Its arm can operate 24 claypots at the same time. It takes about 20 minutes to make a claypot, which is much more efficient than traditional claypot rice. Cooking mode. According to reports, the robot chef's best is the "baked claypot rice". The ingredients can be freely matched and the aroma is rich.
       Each table has a QR code for ordering. You can see different dishes by scanning, including fried dishes, steamed dishes, roasted meat, stewed soup, wine and so on. The reporter found that the restaurant's dishes are slightly cheaper than other restaurants. For Ronggui Miaoling suckling pigeons, the discounted price is 25.8 yuan each; the steamed fragrant rice with rice peppers is only 8 yuan.
      In the restaurant, there are several waiters and two or three dish-transferring machines to serve diners. The locomotive drives to different tables to deliver food. Customers only need to press a button on the table, and the corresponding meal box will open, and customers can pick up their own food. The waiter is responsible for other auxiliary tasks, such as greeting guests, preparing dishes, coordinating the kitchen, and tidying up the table.
    "Some of the smart restaurants and robot restaurants that were previously launched basically implemented robot technology at some points. The robot Chinese restaurant system launched by Country Garden this time has achieved independent research and development of core technologies. As far as I understand, it should be the current The world's most advanced and complete systematic robot restaurant." Professor Liu Honghai, an internationally renowned robot expert, said.
      Robot process innovation
       Today, intelligent robots are widely used in life. So, can robots also replace chefs?
    According to Xiao Ran, the deputy general manager of Qianxi Robot Catering Group, the restaurant specializes in Shunde dishes. In the preliminary research and development, Shunde's top ten famous chefs were specially invited to participate in the development of robot Chinese restaurant dishes. The oil temperature, order of dishes, Factors such as juice collection technology, stir-fry method, time, etc. are input into the robot computer for one-to-one training. Through thousands of experiments, tastings, and adjustments, the robot "apprentice" can accurately remember the cooking technology of famous chefs, and It is restored.
      According to Ma Huiliang, director of the R&D department of Qianxi Robot Catering Group and famous chef in Shunde, the robot cooking process eliminates human interference and the quality of the dishes is very stable. Dishes in the traditional catering industry are prone to problems such as unstable quality and large differences in tastes due to different chefs and skill levels. Standardization and programming are the prerequisites for robots to cook.
      In the preliminary research and development process, the restaurant specially invited ten famous chefs of Shunde to participate in the development of robot Chinese restaurant dishes. The master inputs the oil temperature, the order of serving dishes, the juice collection process, the stir-frying method and time into the robot computer. At the same time, the restaurant continues to absorb more cuisine characteristics and constantly develop new dishes to meet customer needs. In addition, Foodom Robot Restaurant built its own central kitchen to strictly control the source of ingredients, and the entire cooking process was isolated from humans to avoid potential food safety hazards to the greatest extent.
    Lin Chaodai, director of the World Chinese Food Chef Association and Chinese cooking master, commented: "Through standardized computer technology, robots can control the taste more accurately than humans." It was once unimaginable in the era of "robot cooking" Has really arrived!