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    Application of harmonic drive in machining industry -- end extension of truss manipulator

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    Working condition:

    1. For injection molding machine and CNC machine tools, commonly used truss manipulator could realize more dimensional motion by adding one or two harmonic reducers, which can meet the needs of complex applications.

    2. Output speed of truss manipulator's end joint is generally low, speed ratio of reducers is between 80-160, and working conditions are not harsh.

     end extension of truss manipulator.png

    J5 could use our harmonic drive of LCSG-17-120-C-I, LCSG-25-120-C-I, LHSG-25-120-C-III

    J6 could use our harmonic drive of LHSG-17-120-C-IV, LHSG-25-120-C-IV, LHSG-32-160-C-III



    1. Japanese HD brand reducers are replaced by ours, and cost is reduced more than 20%, and customized reducers are provided and delivery time is shortened more than half.

    2. Customer also use Japanese brand Shrimpo planetary reducer. Price of high-precision planetary reducer is expensive, and large ratio planetary reducers have two-stage planetary carrier with long axial dimension, which affected design and compactness. Compared with planetary reducer, harmonic reducer has many advantages: higher accuracy; axial dimension is not affected by reduction ratio; specification III is hollow, and could go through cable, which is convenient for customer design.


    Future trends:

    Order quantity of integrated customers has been increasing steadily in recent years. It is the demand of more and more end users to add multi axis to end joint of truss manipulator to meet more complex application requirements.