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    Application Of Harmonic Drive In Machine Tool Industry -- CNC Turntable

    Data:2021-07-08 09:52:58      Views:      

     Working condition:

    CNC dividing head of machining center, machining with three axis machine tool.

    Technical advantages:

    1. For CNC turntable, there are mainly worm gear, RV, harmonic drive, DD motor, roller cam and so on;

    2. The worm gear and roller cam have large space, so they are not suitable for small machine tools. DD motor and RV Reducer have high cost and low precision, and acquires more space than harmonic reducer;

    3. Harmonic reducer has the advantages of small size, light weight, high torque density, large speed ratio and high bidirectional accuracy, but it also has weak stiffness. The New Y Series of harmonic drive of Arcsecond improves the stiffness of the reducer as a whole, which is more suitable for turntable. In addition, because the harmonic reducer itself is not waterproof, customers need to take separate waterproof measures in the turntable application.

    Matters needing attention:

    It has high requirements for vibration, bidirectional positioning accuracy, bidirectional repeated positioning accuracy, stiffness, waterproof and dustproof grade, large speed ratio and size of harmonic reducer.