• Arcsecond Robotic Components Co., Ltd is committed to supplying strain wave reducer, servo motor and rotary actuator for global companies of Robots, Semiconductor/FPD Equipment, Precision Machine Tools, Medical Device, Measurement/Experiment Equipment, Optical Instruments etc.

    As the sole sales agent of Leader Harmonious Drive Systems Co.,Ltd in North America, We are not only selling high-quality Strain Wave Gearbox(strain wave gearbox is another name of harmonic drive), Servo Motor and Actuator from Leader Harmonious Drive Systems Co.,Ltd, but also superior service and the integrated transmission solution.

    Leader Harmonious Drive Systems Co.,Ltd as one of the top manufacturers of strain wave reducer, servo motor and rotary actuator, has been developing and researching since 2003. With unique perspective and innovation on Tooth profile of strain wave gearing and many years of continuous effort, the hard work and dedication have been validated through 16 national invention patents, 23 new national practical patents and numerous awards.



    In 2018, Leader Harmonious Drive Systems Co.,Ltd manufactured and sold more than 150,000 sets of strain wave gearings. Now, Leader Harmonious Drive Systems Co.,Ltd cooperate with Varian, SIASUN, FOXCONN, KOLLMORGEN, HUAWEI, BYD, Midea, STEP, KEJIE, Han's Robot, ESTUN, AUBO, AE, GSK, ROKAE, ELETE, JAKA etc. and also take more than 60% share in China Market.

    Today Leader Harmonious Drive Systems Co.,Ltd have gathered professional engineering and sales team to serve global clients, we believe that high-quality product, short delivery, superior service and reasonable price will be the key to success in global market.