Interface specifications
    Power input interface: Amass XT60PT-M
    Power signal composite interface: Molex 430450800
    Ethernet interface: standard RJ45 connector, with large precision L60055-14
    Emergency stop switch: JST SM02B_GHS_TB (LF) (SN)
    Start switch: JST SM02B_GHS_TB (LF) (SN)
    12V output: Moss Electronics A2502_WR02
    5V output: Moss Electronics A2502_WR02
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    ECB(Ethernet to CAN Bridge)is an Ethernet to CAN adapter, the function of this adapter includes signal conversion between Ethernet and CAN. The adapter is equipped with STM32F429VET6 Master Chip and has 10/100Mbps brandwidth. The default IP address is, and the Ethernet protocol is UDP with default interface number 2000. The ECB adapter has 2 independent 1 Mbps CAN bus lines that are insulated, which increases CAN communication brandwidth in the system, decreases communication delays, promotes system’s real-time performance and achieves control of multiple actuators series connection system with complex closed-loop design.


    Our ECB’s principle graph and BOM, along with Ethernet communication protocol are all open sources. Users could develop on ECB by themselves based on their own requirements. In this way, it promotes the efficiency of users’ new product development in order to accelerate their listing timing.


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